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Lexus of Chatswood Panasonic videowall

McCarroll’s Automotive Group is a family-owned business with a number of luxury car dealerships across New South Wales (NSW) along the southeastern Australian coast. Lexus of Chatswood is one of the more recent McCarroll’s developments. Situated on the Pacific Highway, the dealership includes a two-story showroom with a welcoming and elegant atmosphere where a variety of Lexus vehicles are showcased with taste and flair. Clare Communications established itself in the late 1970s as an audio expert in the NSW area and has enjoyed a long relationship with McCarroll’s Automotive Group. Clare Communications was approached early in the dealership development phase, tasked with designing an experiential audio solution and installing the full audiovisual system.

Lexus of Chatswood

Background music was at the heart of creating a customer experience McCarroll’s Automotive Group envisioned. Clare Communications Director, Donal O’Sullivan, explained, “Predominantly the audio is a low-level background music system, creating an atmosphere of elegance and calm so the customers feel relaxed and pampered regardless of where they are in the venue.”

When functions or presentations call for higher levels of sound reinforcement, the system needed to seamlessly and comfortably handle these requirements as well.


Lexus of Chatswood

The main background music system is comprised of 33 DesignMax DM2C-LP ceiling loudspeakers throughout the two floors of the dealership. Seamlessly filling the building with warm and enveloping sound, the DesignMax loudspeakers make minimal impact to the showroom’s aesthetics, blending in effortlessly. “What I like about Bose Professional is how sleek the product looks,” commented O’Sullivan.

Upon entry, visitors to Lexus of Chatswood are greeted by a striking 3×3 Panasonic videowall with a highly desirable Lexus LFA coupe featured in front of it. This videowall zone is supplemented by two EdgeMax EM90 loudspeakers for additional sound pressure level and coverage. The whole audiovisual system is controlled by two Crestron seven-inch touch panels. Lexus staff had input into the layout of the interface and can effortlessly assign various sources to each zone, adjust volumes and recall presets.

With yet another successful project for McCarroll’s Automotive Group, O’Sullivan reflected, “We love working with McCarroll’s, and they love working with us; there’s a clear understanding of what the vision is, and we deliver. At Clare Communications, we strive to create audiovisual systems that are user friendly for the customer. That is the ultimate goal, and with the Bose Professional products, that is exactly what we’ve achieved here at Lexus of Chatswood.”

“The Bose Professional loudspeakers blend in beautifully with the venue, reinforcing the atmosphere created here.”

— Donal O’Sullivan
Clare Communications Director

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Clare Communication Pty Ltd in NSW, Australia, specializes in the field of communication systems, specifically the supply and installation of professional sound systems, public address systems, audiovisual and lighting systems, automation/ control systems, electronic bell systems, hearing impaired systems and much more.


Lexus of Chatswood Case Study

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