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Arora Group is well versed in the art of creating a memorable hotel experience — and accomplishing them at scale.

On every property, Arora Group commits to leveraging the latest technological solutions across its properties to bring guests powerful capabilities not only in their rooms, but in meeting spaces, gathering points and more.

The Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel is akin to the crown jewel in the Arora portfolio.

Bose Professional Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel Library Club

This luxury, five-star property features spacious rooms, unmatched spa facilities, enticing restaurants, and much more, all designed to “put the wellness of each guest at the heart of the experience.” Nestled next to Great Windsor Park and surrounded by 40 acres of green space and a tranquil lake, the hotel represents “the ultimate escape from the city within easy reach of Heathrow Airport and Central London.”

To match the grandeur that is Fairmont Windsor, Arora Group needed an expansive and in-depth audio solution to match that would uphold the integrity of this luxury experience. With previous experience with Bose Professional solutions, Arora Group and construction arm Grove Development knew exactly where to turn.


Hoist Group is one of the UK’s leading hospitality consultants and were responsible for specifying and bringing to life the audio solution for the Fairmont Windsor Park. Though Arora Group agreed that Bose Professional solutions were the ideal choice for the project, the implementation and specification remained one of the most complex in Hoist Group’s history.

“For us, this is probably one of the largest installations in both the number of devices and size of the solution that’s been deployed,” said Phil Campbell, senior vice president for sales and business development for Hoist Group. “We have approximately 34 zones within this property. That’s a lot for any project and resulted in an involved cable planning to ensure it all came together.”

Bose Professional Fairmont Windsor Lobby

The level of detail was both astounding and challenging. There needed to be a Bose Professional loudspeaker in every guestroom’s bathroom that connected to the room’s television, as well as in the specialized spaces, such as the first-class spas and onsite treehouse rooms; each bringing their own unique considerations.

The sheer size and number of Bose Professional solutions employed to control and integrate the entire property added a complexity that required both a high level of network and AV expertise.

A combination of Bose Professional EdgeMax EM90 and EM180 loudspeakers, FreeSpace and ControlSpace solutions, integrated with Dante Audio Networking, provided Hoist Group with the components to create a bespoke solution to meet the lofty expectations for the one-of-a-kind Fairmont Windsor Park.

Bose Professional Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel Tea Room

This was Hoist Group’s first exposure integrating EdgeMax technology, which features proprietary Bose Professional PhaseGuide technology with high-frequency compression drivers to create a new type of audio experience. The combination of room-filling coverage patterns — typical of larger surface-mount speakers — with the architect-preferred aesthetics of in-ceiling models created the perfect balance of technology and design.

“We leveraged the capabilities of EdgeMax, because of the relatively high ceilings and big open spaces, and I knew Arora would want the interior aesthetically pleasing given past comments about having loads of technology all over the ceilings,” Campbell said. “By using the EdgeMax, we could just use loudspeakers around the edge and reduce the quantity of loudspeakers needed, meaning less impact to the ceilings and any lighting or any other decor.”

Bose Professional Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel Lounge

Commercial Director of Hotels at Arora Group, Raj Shah shared, “It’s phenomenal technology, and we’re so pleased to have Bose Professional quality audio through the hotel. We know that wherever our guests are, their experience will engage all of the senses.”

Throughout the Fairmont Windsor property there are more than 20 separate music zones, all potentially having different requirements for music style, volume level and audio flexibility. Using Bose Professional ControlSpace technology with Dante, the hotel can quickly adjust or change the ambiance of each zone, providing quality audio appropriate to for the guest experience.

Bose Professional Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel Himalaya Salt Room

Whether guests are relaxing in their rooms, dining in resplendent surroundings at one of the restaurants, or enjoying the luxury wellness spa, outdoor vitality pool or beautiful gardens, Arora Group can be assured the suite of Bose Professional solutions will contribute to their overall sublime experience.

“Our desire is for guests of the Fairmont Windsor Park to have an unparalleled experience,” shared Campbell. “Bose Professional has ensured this is possible the highest quality audio products and the support they provide. We want to be associated with a brand that is more than just reliable — it needs to deliver on every level imaginable. Bose Professional is an easy company to work with, which made the journey to superb results enjoyable.”

“It’s phenomenal technology, and we’re so pleased to have Bose Professional quality audio through the hotel. We know that wherever our guests are, their experience will engage all of the senses.”

— Raj Shah
Commercial Director of Hotels at Arora Group

Hoist Group provides technology solutions to hotels, enabling them to manage coherent end-to-end digital journeys for their guests. Hoist Group optimizes guest services by correlating and analyzing the data that comes from its innovative Property Management & Booking Software, Managed IP Networks, Internet and TV Content as well as from many other digital touchpoints. Headquartered in Stockholm with 20 offices across EMEA, Hoist Group has 500 dedicated staff serving over 8,000 unique hotels.

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