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Turin, Italy’s Allianz Stadium is a marvel. Home to Juventus, the stadium holds over 41,500 boisterous spectators passionate about European football.

Allianz Stadium is the first stadium owned by a Series A team, the highest level of competition in Italian football. It was constructed with an eye toward environmental responsibility and sustainability and boasts a place among UEFA Category 4 facilities. This is the highest technical level a stadium can reach and is required to host events in UEFA competitions.

Originally opened in 2011, the stadium is committed to ensuring a world-class experience to its football fans. In 2012 it was awarded the Stadium Innovation Trophy at the Global Sports Forum 2012, which is the most innovative sports scenario in Europe. Key to the overall experience is the sound, and whether used for announcing players and goal announcements or to engage and elevate the crowd’s excitement during the pre-match show, stadium management knew they needed the highest level of audio quality.


Allianz stadium ceiling equipped with Bose Professional loudspeakers

“Allianz Stadium is an entertainment center where people come not just to watch a match, but to be entertained by the two-hour pre-game show building excitement for the game,” said Francesco Gianello, head of facilities management. “So, as you can imagine, the audio system plays a critical role in creating this experience for all our guests.”

Juventus is known for its premium fan experience, andefforts to improve vocal intelligibility and add newdimension to light shows, music and special effects.Any changes made to the system needed to build onthat powerful atmosphere. Originally, the stadium wasdesigned with a simple audio solution aimed at security andannouncement purposes, and an update was long overdue.

The solution also needed to account for the sheer size of theclub’s facility and provide a consistent experience for eachfan. The game day audio experience needed to provideaudio intelligibility and support the music played regardlessof where a fan was seated inside the stadium’s basin-shaped environment. 

Juventus is committed to fan involvement, but the stadium itself also serves as a leading, year-round location for hosting other unique, premier events, meaning flexibility and adaptability were also priorities in selecting an audio solution.

The audio solution includes the Bose Professional ArenaMatch DeltaQ loudspeakers and PowerMatch amplifiers, which are controlled by ControlSpace EX- 1280 digital signal processors and run on a DanteTM audio network.

Bose Professional DeltaQ loudspeakers Allianz stadium speaker

“A world class stadium should have an audio system flexible enough to provide voice intelligibility and support playing music,” Gianello said. “We looked for an audio partner who would be able to deliver this at the caliber level of the Juventus brand, and, after evaluating different scenarios and different possible solutions, we realized Bose Professional was the best solution available.”

With support from Bose Professional Modeler software, the loudspeaker structure and cluster quantity were accurately defined for optimal performance, acoustic coverage and full-range sound uniformity. The Dante network and its analog backup support four separate ArenaMatch clusters, designed to provide redundancy that ensures the stadium is never left without powerful audio.

The holistic solution makes Allianz Stadium a premier destination and site for a wide range of events, and the performance of the ArenaMatch DeltaQ loudspeaker clusters, PowerMatch amplifiers and overall system redundancy and ease of operation empowers the facility to uphold that reputation.

Achieving this result, the Allianz Stadium team worked closely with a select team of experts. In addition to the Bose Professional and Spectra Event Technology teams, Immagine del Suono provided the DSP program design, and the system control and monitoring was designed by Pibiesse.

Bose Professional Juventus partner logo

“We want to give our fans the opportunity to enter our home — now their home — and experience an increasingly active moment of involvement. Having an excellent sound system allows us to make it one of the most coveted places to create specific and unique events.”

— Alberto Pairetto
Head of Stadium Revenue, Juventus


Allianz Stadium Case Study

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