Feb. 12, 2020

Bose Professional Advances FreeSpace Loudspeaker Options

Refined Features and New Pendant Models Offer Increased Flexibility for More Projects

Bose Professional (Stand 7–C200) today announced the next evolution of the FreeSpace DS series of loudspeakers — the Bose FreeSpace FS series. Available in both in-ceiling and surface-mount models and with a dedicated pendant-mount model, the FreeSpace FS series is ideally designed for voice address and background music applications. All models are available in both black and white, and feature 70/100V and low-impedance operation. Models feature either a 2.25-inch or 4.5-inch, full-range transducer, providing two distinct levels of performance.

The new FreeSpace FS loudspeakers deliver the same output and power handling as the original FreeSpace DS models, while providing additional features for use in wider applications. Metal backcans on the ceiling-mount models allow for use in plenum-rated ceilings. The ceiling-mount models also feature front baffle connection points and tap settings, with Euroblock audio connections.

Improved aesthetics and mechanical updates ensure easy installation in a variety of spaces, including outdoors. The FreeSpace FS surface-mount loudspeakers and the FS4CE, 4-inch, ceiling-mount model are iP55 rated for outdoor installation. All FreeSpace loudspeakers are UL1480 ULC-S541 Life Safety Fire Alarm and Signaling listed, providing peace of mind for those life safety projects. The updates bring greater design and specification flexibility to the well-known Bose Professional FreeSpace family of loudspeakers and compliments its premium line of DesignMax loudspeakers.

For more information, please visit PRO.BOSE.COM.

Photo file 1: BosePro_FreeSpaceFS.jpg

Photo caption 1: Bose Professional FreeSpace FS in-ceiling and pendant loudspeakers deliver flexibility


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