DesignMax is the premium choice for audio designers seeking the best sound performance in a series of visually pleasing in-ceiling, surface, and pendant loudspeakers. Their modern aesthetic blends well with any room, and weatherized models are designed for outdoor applications. 

Product Line

Options for Any Environment 

Choose from 15 models, including coaxial two-way loudspeakers and subwoofers — great for paging, background and foreground audio applications. 

Which Models Are the Best Choice for Your Design?

DesignMax provides design flexibility. Each model is acoustically engineered for consistency. As seen in the above chart, we provide general use case recommendations for each in-ceiling, surface-mount, and pendant model based on typical applications.

DesignMax Advantages

Maximize aesthetics and performance with our feature-packed solution. Enjoy time and cost savings for designers and installers. 

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Complete Your System

Optimize your DesignMax loudspeakers with our power amplifiers & processors for quick setup, improved sound, & reliability.

FreeSpace IZA zone amplifiers for applications requiring zone routing, paging, and amplification

PowerSpace+ power amplifiers are ideal for standalone use with built-in DSP or PowerSpace amplifiers for zone expansion applications in any premium commercial sound installation

PowerShare adaptable power amplifiers allow installers to assign power where it’s needed 

PowerMatch configurable power amplifiers provide a high level of scalability and configurability for fixed installation sound reinforcement systems

CSP processors serve as a standalone DSP for background and paging applications requiring automated level control 

ControlSpace ESP-880A and EX networkable system processors for larger distributed system and conferencing applications

System Examples

Need design inspiration? Download the application guide with the suggested Bose Professional products.

Are you adding or retrofitting an existing Bose Professional FreeSpace in-ceiling loudspeaker system?

You can upgrade our discontinued FreeSpace DS in-ceiling loudspeakers to DesignMax models — no need to enlarge existing ceiling holes or cut new ones.

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