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Outside of SouthCrest Church building

Since 2000, SouthCrest Church has had a single-minded vision to connect people to Jesus and to one another. From its humble beginnings of gathering together in a catfish restaurant on Sundays to its current home in a 50,000-square-foot renovated warehouse, the SouthCrest community approaches everything it does with commitment and grace.

Given the original nature of the church building, the large, open structure provides room to grow but also unique audio challenges that may not be present in more traditional structures. The numerous spaces within SouthCrest Church were used in a variety of ways, with each area providing opportunities to gather together or in smaller groups depending on age or meeting purpose.

Interior gathering room with tables and chairs

Matt McFadden, campus pastor, directs the creative arts endeavors at SouthCrest. Having joined several years ago, he now puts his experience as a touring musician and in live music to good use. His role as both a band member and sound system technician provided the combination SouthCrest needed to identify its audio needs and the structure’s limitations.

Separate from the main worship area, SouthCrest has a large student area where youth of varying ages can gather, worship, and engage with peers. The children’s area includes caregiving, space for Bible study, and play areas.

Along with the medium-sized theater used for a variety of performance activities, there is also a café where all can meet up for a beverage or snack before and after services. The main worship auditorium provides seating for up to 700 members, and SouthCrest needed the ability to balance clear, intelligible speech and a range of live music. 

Band playing on stage

It was critical for audio levels to be comfortable to listen to throughout the entire space while fostering inspiration and nurturing togetherness. Like many faith-based organizations, budget priorities meant the final audio solution would need to deliver an ideal experience, while being flexible and future proof to make expansion into other areas possible.

SouthCrest had worked diligently to leverage their volunteers, in-house knowledge, and the equipment available — including a variety of loudspeakers — but soon realized it was time to bring in an audio expert with experience in the unique needs of churches.


Signs on wall of hallway

McFadden reached out to Don Allensworth, founder and president of The NewGround Group. Allensworth led them in assessing their worship space, identifying what SouthCrest’s vision was and establishing an understanding of audio and how Bose Professional tools and solutions would help them reach their goals.

“I was very excited at the prospect of having Bose Professional technology in our worship space,” said McFadden.

video monitors on colorful wall

The resulting solution consisted of four separate loudspeaker arrays made up of the ShowMatch DeltaQ SM10 and SM20 full-range loudspeaker modules. Each delivered 10° and 20° of nominal vertical coverage and included field-changeable waveguides offering 70° or 100° horizontal coverage.

The ShowMatch SMS118 subwoofer extended the low frequency response down to 29 Hz, balancing out the sound and providing a rich, vibrant quality to both voice and music. The system used ControlSpace digital signal processing, and each array included PowerMatch PM8500N power amplifiers. The effect delivered smooth, intelligible, full sound that appealed to the younger members, yet was enjoyable for everyone.

Band playing on stage, front view

The proprietary DeltaQ technology defines the next generation of loudspeaker arrays with its selectable coverage patterns for a more precisely directed sound to the audience area. Churches have similar needs as other live music venues, like low-end frequency and fullness of sound, and the challenge is providing clarity in the spoken word and music within very uniquely shaped spaces.

The results are bringing a new level of enjoyment to weekly services. Like the musical score of a motion picture, the Bose Professional sound system enhances the overall worship experience without being overt.

Coffee bar in interior space

With the church in a revitalization mode, church leadership wanted to create a welcoming, joyous destination for people each week, and they understood quality sound plays an important role these efforts. The first time McFadden and others heard the system he said, “We were blown away at the incredible sound experience.”

“We’ve had several members comment on how wonderful the service was, noting specifically that they could hear individual singers as well as the sermon.”

— Matt McFadden
Campus Pastor, SouthCrest Church


SouthCrest Church Case Study

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