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Headquartered in Jalisco, Mexico, Grupo PSA is dedicated to the cultivation, production and distribution of high quality products containing blue agave — a popular plant known for its role as the base ingredient of tequila. With blue agave at the center of its business, the operations are based on a vertical business model that begins with the cultivation process at the production plant in western Mexico.

Nurturing agave for more than five generations, Grupo PSA now has operational offices and distribution centers across the world and boasts three successful business units: The Agave Sweetener Company, producing organic agave sweeteners; La Huaracha Casa Destiladora, producing house-brand tequila and premium distillates for international clients; and Naturagave, the agave farm itself.

Boardroom Table With Chairs

In early 2020, Grupo PSA built its new corporate offices in the luxurious city of Zapopan. Situated in the Guadalajaran metropolitan area, the new space is ideal to host clients and facilitate employees’ transportation for those regularly traveling in and out of the country for meetings and tradeshows.

When the pandemic brought restrictions on group meetings and travel, Grupo PSA paused to rethink the space and its virtual communication capabilities. Pivoting to this new need, the meeting room would require a fully integrated communication system to interact fluidly and seamlessly in meetings with global clients, suppliers and collaborators in real time.

Ultimately, they desired a space that combined aesthetic beauty and functionality, and decided to invest in a first-class solution creating a room that sets the benchmark for collaboration and unified communications.


Employee Break Room

Creating a comprehensive audio solution for a hybrid meeting space required an efficient and intuitive videoconferencing system with state-of-the-art audio and video capabilities. This entailed incorporating technology that would blend into the aesthetics of the overall room design, with the furnishings as the crowning touch.

This requirement meant no detail was too small in designing the space. The large accent wall draws attendees’ attention immediately, being made with clay and bagasse from the Jiquilpan plantations’ agave plant’s dry fiber. Clearly, Grupo PSA places importance on both the raw material and the sustainability of its processes, and this same level of detail is expected in their communication system.

To provide a clean solution where cables and hardware are hidden, the audio, video and control equipment would need to be integrated within the elegance and modernity of the space. In terms of the AV system performance, the video needed to deliver crystal clear images in the highest resolution, high fidelity and intelligible audio, as well as a robust data network with a drop-free signal and low latency — all operated through an easy-to-use interface.

Grupo PSA entrusted the project to two suppliers: Estudio Ala Arquitectos, the architecture bureau in charge of the space design, and TomCat, the AV technology integration company that developed the audiovisual solution with intuitive control and integrated collaboration tools.

Window With Trees

The TomCat team made audio the primary focus of the project and turned to Bose Professional in choosing the DesignMax loudspeakers, both for performance and sleek design. The in-ceiling, black loudspeakers made them imperceptible, blending with the dark color of the walls and high ceiling. The audio solution was completed utilizing the PowerShare PS602 amplifier to power the loudspeakers while the ControlSpace EX-440C digital processor controls the audio signal.

Fernando Rodríguez, audio, video and control specialist at TomCat, was pleased with the Bose Professional solution meeting Grupo PSA’s goal of obtaining a discreet, high quality audio system.

“The DesignMax loudspeakers were ideal for this meeting room,” shared Rodríguez. “Their aesthetics and slim profile help them disappear while delivering a superb audio performance.”

TomCat then added a Shure beamforming ceiling microphone, Epson laser projector, 100″ Screen Innovations display and Logitech PTZ-conference camera that sits superimposed on a totem that accentuates the design style of the room. The Extron room control uses a touchscreen hidden in the beautiful table that combines wood and black stone, and a Lutron lighting control system rounds out the full system.

Grupo PSA also installed a distributed audio solution in the employees’ lounge, with DesignMax loudspeakers located on the outdoor terrace, in the office work area and the elevator corridors, providing employees and guests with an ambiance of relaxing music. Completing the solution, a PM4250N amplifier powers the audio processing and a ControlSpace CC-64 for a simple and logical sound system interface.

Grupo PSA’s corporate meeting room is a perfect example of the convergence between aesthetic design, functional beauty and cutting-edge audiovisual technology. Global business partners now communicate with Grupo PSA easily and clearly, and are impressed by what they are able to see and hear, even when participants are thousands of miles away.

Manuel Cáliz, marketing director for Grupo PSA, was impressed with the Bose Professional technology that transformed the office into an efficient and functional space to conduct productive virtual business meetings.

“I’m a big fan of Bose Professional products, and it only seemed natural that Bose Professional should be part of our amazing workplace project,” stated Cáliz. “We only wanted premium firms that would provide us with absolute confidence in their ability and deliver supreme quality.”

Employee satisfaction remains high amongst all meeting space users with the elegant design and easy-to-use, integrated unified communications system. Employees can connect their tablet or laptop and choose the videoconferencing platform they prefer. In as few as three clicks, they are online and connected with clients in Asia, North America or Europe.

Global clients and employees alike have rated its meeting room as a world-class, premium meeting space, noting that the advanced technology completely blends into the room environment.

TomCat selected Bose Professional as the key audiovisual supplier for this critical project and the result could not have been better.

“We trust Bose Professional because of their technical support from start to finish,” said Rodríguez. “Their willingness to collaborate and their commitment to bring cutting edge technology to Mexico ensures we have the technology needed to create superior AV solutions.”

“I’m a big fan of Bose Professional products, and it only seemed natural that Bose Professional should be part of our amazing workplace project,” stated Cáliz. “We only wanted premium firms that would provide us with absolute confidence in their ability and deliver supreme quality.”

— Manuel Cáliz
Marketing director for Grupo PSA



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